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Things to do after Windows 10 upgrade from previous version of Windows

Posted: 2016-07-17

1) Update your computer drivers especially your graphic card. Drivers can be downloaded from your computer manufacturer website or component manufacturer website. 2) Install Direct X from Microsoft, especially if you are getting "Direct X" related errors from older Games or application that use this Direct X. 3) Update all your applications to ensure the compatability. You can use Ninite or FileHippo App Manager to automate the update install. 4) Discover the hidden features of Windows 10 See this article 5)Disable the Privacy & Security features. This is important step to ensure your computer is secure and is not over using bandwidth. 6) Customize your start menu and Customize Notification in the Action Center. - See this article for more tips of Things You Should Do Immediately After You Install Windows 10

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