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the truth about teslacrypt or alpha crypt virus

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-06

Teslascrypt is a particularly nasty virus program which is designed to attack all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. This particular virus falls into the classification of “ransomware” which, as the name suggests, is the term given to a piece of software which is designed with the malicious intent of blocking access to a computer until a specified amount of money is paid, usually somewhere between $300 and $500. The newest version of this virus is called Alpha Crypt with different encryption algorithm. Alpha Crypt encrypts files with .ezz extension and Teslacrypt will encrypt them with .ecc extension. Teslascrypt will find its way onto your computer via infected sites that you may have visited on the web. The first time you will be aware of its presence will be when you next start your computer. In place of your normal windows screen you will simply see a very professional looking warning page. In essence this warning message is little more than a ransom note. It’s warning message states quite clearly that all of your computer files have been encrypted and privately stored at a secret location on the internet. From this point forward you are told the only way to recover those files is to pay a certain amount of money for what they call a “private decryption key”. Once you receive this key you will be able to follow the given instructions and, using the key, you can decrypt your files and regain access to your computer. You are further warned that any attempt to alter or remove the Teslacrypt software will result in the deletion of that decryption key thereby completely preventing recovery of your files. In order to put further pressure on you they also include a time-limit, and even in some variants, a countdown clock, informing you that you only have that much time in which to make payment before your files are lost for good. This is not a scam in the traditional sense of the word. If you pay the ransom demand then you do receive the decryption key and, by using it, you can retrieve your files. This should always be viewed, however as a last option as, ultimately, there is no real guarantee. Also, even if you get your files back, this malicious software is still on your computer and has the potential to continue doing further damage. But, do you have to acquiesce to their demands or is there another way to retrieve your valued information and regain access to your computer? The simple answer is, yes there is. In fact there are a number of options available to you. This kind of malicious attack relies on two factors to work, panic and lack of knowledge. A large number of computer users are still not very “tech-savvy” and it is these people that are the prime target of this attack. They will read the message and act out of fear, immediately handing over the required sum, never really thinking that there is perhaps something else they could do with a little time and thought. There are numerous on-line sources or software’s like CryptoMonitor or Hitman Pro: Alert that can provide instructions on how to combat this “ransomware” using a variety of methods from actually removing the software completely from your system to manually decrypting all of your files. The important thing to keep in mind if your computer is infected with such a program is that the help is out there so do not pay the ransom.

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