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The Top 5 Best Cuisines in the World

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2017-05-13

If we are going to be asked what our favorite food is, it will always be Mom's best recipe. But what if, you will be given a chance to try another cuisine. What do you think will be your next favorite? Now, you will be given a rundown about the top 5 best cuisines in the world.


The Chinese Cuisine

They have some of the most popular cuisines in the world, and even some of the cities in a country chosen to build Chinese restaurants since people tend to go back again to eat Chinese cuisines. Some popular cuisines are made of noodles, the siopao, and dim sum.


The Italian Cuisine

Who does not like pasta? Pasta, prepared in different ways, is very popular not just in Italy. The most popular Italian cuisine, especially to children, is the spaghetti due to its sweet taste of mixed tomato and cheese.


The Filipino Cuisine

The Filipino cuisine is commonly called �Lutong Bahay,� since most of the well-known cuisine can be cooked at homes such as the Humba and Pork Lechon. Any of these taste so delicious that you cannot afford not to taste.


The Japanese Cuisine

This is another prominent cooking favored by the food bloggers and lovers over the globe.� Also, steamed and salted vegetables and sushi are popular and has increased admiration not just for Japanese but also to other citizens.


The Spanish Cuisines

A cuisine that is not just in Spain but in some countries as well, where people imitates the way the Spanish cuisines are cooked. Arroz � Valenciana is one of the famous Spanish cuisines that people love to eat repeatedly, from the glutinous rice, chicken and the rest of the ingredients that makes it more worth eating.

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