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the hidden secrets to mastering black magic

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-02

When black magic first started thousands of years ago, it was regarded very much a sin. People would shrink away if the dark art was mentioned and they would discriminate it, actually if caught practicing it people were executed. With time, it has become not only interesting but huge phenomenal. It has become one of the world’s most assuring sources of solutions due to its powerful powers. •Master yourself It is not only essential to master the power of energy but to also master yourself and your limits, gather enough confidence and influence even over those around you. It is normally not easy to achieve this but if anyone puts their mind to it they are capable of learning. •Magnetism This is a scenario where the magician believes in themselves and everything about them so much that they are aware of what they are capable of. Actually, this is where most of your power lies, when this skill is developed, you tend to have a strong will that only the power of “I” can influence •Love yourself A lot of successful magicians have a healthy love for themselves and everything about them. Their self esteem is so high that they are focused and confident in their magic •Respect for the power Once mastered, it’s a very strong power that could be a danger to you and others if abused. You must respect it to be able to control it. With this you could as much as control your audience with your eyes, In case you ran into problems getting the hang of it, then you could have issues with yourself. Love yourself with no limits, every part of you, accept it for what it is and it becomes easier to actually change.

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