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start menu of windows 10

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-06

Windows 10 has the most start menu as compared to its prior versions. In Windows 8.1 the start menu was replaced with a screen of start menu option and the installed apps. This start menu did not gain much acclaim therefore in Windows 10 the traditional windows start menu was restored. This start menu is a blend of start menu options and pinned items. The start menu options are very useful for the users as they make access to the settings and folders easier. The software’s and apps that are used more often are pinned in the start menu. So that they can be accessed easily. Traditional Windows Start Menu The start menu of Windows 10 is designed like the start menu of Windows 7. But this start menu can be customized by the user to any extent. You can make the start menu as per your wish. You can pin the items in the start menu that are used more often. Customizing and Resizing Understanding the start menu is really easy. It can be resized according to your need. It can be made smaller or larger, as per your requirement. Customizability is another feature of the new start menu of Windows 10. You can make the start menu according to the settings that provide an easy access to you, in finding your stored files and folders. Personalization and Configuration You can also configure and personalize the start menu. You can choose the folders that should appear in the start menu. Moreover, you personalize the pinned items so that they look more alluring. The personalization option also involves the scheme of colours from which you can pick any colour for the start menu. The “All app” option in the start menu allows you to access all the apps that are installed on the computer system.

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