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some things you can do in windows 10 that you couldnt do in windows 8

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-12-05

Get chatty with Cortana Now Cortana arrives on the desktop. As on Windows phone, you can ask any type of questions like famous pop star, set reminders, weather or get directions home and many more. To activate Cortana, click the Cortana button on the start menu and enjoy it. Snap windows to corners In case despite everything you're confining your window snapping to either side of the screen, you're living in the pastóWindows is about quadrants since July 29. Drag open windows into the edges of the screen to stick them to a specific quarter of the presentation, or utilize the Windows key+cursor key keyboard shortcuts. You can obviously still snap windows side-by-side as well. Analyze the storage space on your PC In the pre-Windows 10 days, you expected to get an outsider application involved in the event that you needed to take an accurate look at the layout of files and drives on your pc system. With Windows 10, there's a tool made in: Type "storage" in the taskbar search box, select the Storage setting, and you can see precisely what sorts of files (like video or music) are taking up your hard drive space. Add a new virtual desktop Finally virtual desktops advance toward Windows, so all you power users can spread out your applications over numerous screens (thedesktop and taskbar shortcuts remain consistent over all of them). Click the Task View button on the taskbar (or press Windows key+Tab) to raise a diagram of your desktops, include new ones or remove existing ones. Use a fingerprint instead of a password This is part of the Windows Hello biometric platform, and regardless of whether you can make utilization of it relies on upon the make and model of PC you're using Windows 10 on. And in addition unique fingerprint detecting, it supports face recognition and even iris scanning, so if PC manufacture are prepared to build this sort of kit into their systems then Microsoft's new OS is able to support it.

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