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some of the most well known music genre

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-27

Music genre is the term used to refer different faces of music, which have common traditional values, including the time music composition, the style, the instrumentation's, functions, the transmission means and the location surroundings of the composer. Music genre is divided into sub-genres to break down those genres into more a defined music. Music sub-genres can help to further explain the diverse types of music in each genre. Rock Music – This is a type of popular music genre that is also known as “rock and roll” with powerful vocals accompanied by drums and guitar. Elvis Presley was tagged as the “King of Rock ‘N Roll” in the early days of rock music. Country Music – This music genre render’s sounds that mirrors the traditional type of music, which is known to have memorable stories told within the song verses. As you listen to this type of genre, you will feel that the basic formula is made of simple chord progressions, vibrating chorus and bridges, memorable story, which are the basic foundation of the country music. Pop Music – Pop music genre is very prominent on its heavy rhythmic characteristic. This genre is produced with a basic approach and arrangement, which is usually simple in melody and sometimes with a stripped-down rhythm. There are some modifications in pop music that focuses with the melodies, verse- chorus-verse arrangements, which the chorus is sharply contrasted with the melody, rhythm and harmony of the verses. Hip Hop Music – This music genre is the most popular in today’s generation. The hip hop genre includes some beat boxing and R&B music, which is the combination of pop music and soul. The songs complete with lyrics into a fast-paced rhythm that are usually used for complicated dance moves. This type of music includes irresistible beat, which is the reason why people truly appreciate this genre.

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