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some common fat foods which are really healthy and nutritious

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-28

Food contains with calories or cholesterol we called that foods fatty food. But the fat foods can be healthy for our health. Most of the common fat foods contain lots of vitamin, nutrition, Phosphorus, Calcium and many more things. Here are some fat foods and nutrition values below. Fatty Fish The healthiest fish are normally contains a lot of fat. The fish like herring, mackerel, salmon and sardines. These fishes contain a lot of fat and also omega 3 fatty acid but also contain protein and a lot of nutritionís which are important for our health. The people who eat fish or love fish they are safe from depression, heart disease, dementia and such kind of general disease. You can also use fish liver oil if you donít want to eat fish or like fish. Nuts A nut has protein, fiber and also a big amount of fat. Nuts are really healthy. Most of the people donít get enough mineral or protein or magnesium but a single piece of nut can give us all of those vitamins, protein, and magnesium and can safe us from verities of diseases. Butter A sliced butter contains a huge amount of fat, a pure fat. But butter is one of the healthiest foods and it contains vitamin K2 and vitamin A and it also contains CLA and butyrate. Butter can reduce risk of such kind of heart diseases. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Every people will agree that the extra virgin olive oil is healthy but also contains a lot of fat. In Mediterranean diet virgin olive oil is essential because of its health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil filled with powerful antioxidants and also has vitamins K and vitamins E. This oil help us from LDL particles in the blood which can cause oxidized. Coconuts and Coconut oil It is true that Coconut oil and coconuts are the affluent sources of impregnated fat on the planet. About 90% of fatty acid contains coconut. Coconuts fat is detached from other fats. Yogurt Full fat of yogurt is really healthy. It has a large amount of nutritionís. Yogurt can help from heart disease and also can improve digestive health. What we need to do is, choose the real fat yogurt to fight with those kinds of diseases. The reason we need to find out the real one is, in market we can see a large amount or list of yogurt but all of them doesnít contains real fat most of them have low fat and made with sugar.

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