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somali culture

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-23

Somali culture resembles similarities with that of teachings of Islam. Like Islamic religion it also forbids discrimination against class, ethnicity, religion, gender and others. At very young age Somali teach their young ones to respect their elders. This impact their workplace also as they are taught to respect and treat others equally. In Somalis each gender has a distinct role to play. Somali women are very different from the other Muslim women around them. They contribute to the micro economic activities of the country. They have a role to play both inside as well as outside the house. In terms of raising the children and looking after the house they play a role of primary head. Men and women are normally not allowed to mix freely with each other except at the workplace as long as it does not cross the limit. Religion affects every aspect of their life and it is taken very seriously. Most of the Somalis are Sunni Muslim. Though there are other religious groups exist in Somali. Criticizing Islam cannot be taken lightly by the Somalis. They tolerate other religions as long as it is not against their own principles and beliefs. Islam is the way of life for Somalis. As Islam obliges to share the excess wealth with the immediate and extended neighbors Somalis share their wealth, so the gap between the classes has reduced. Most of the people live in semi poverty condition. So class is not major issue in Somali culture. In respect of display of emotions Somali people are very modest. They keep their emotions private. Sharing of emotions with opposite sex is not allowed in Islamic culture. Somali couple can be never seen walking with holding hand on the street. They will even not get angry or yell at each other in public places. Since this things are considered to be private in Somali culture.

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