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seven advertising secrets that will get your product selling

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-24

1.Get the best headline The headline is always the key to a successful advertising, it capture your prospects attention right from the start. That said, your headline should always be to the point, tell the clients what they’ll benefit so as to lure them in to read the whole advert. 2.Test your ad It’s crucial to test your advert to see how people respond, you could use a coupon for each version and ask the client to call and when they do, ask them where they heard it from, put up an offer like a discount so as to get clients interested and giving feedback. 3.Get to the point All clients want to know is; what is in for them, don’t beat around the bush to save the best for last, tell them from the word go, in advertising, rule is, fire the big guns first. 4.Acknowledge resistance One of the best ways to get someone to buy something is to make them think they don’t need it. It’s called reverse psychology and it works every time. Thing is, nobody likes being told what to do so when you suggest other brands that client is most likely to get that one. 5.Give offers in your advert In this world people love free stuff, include an offer or a discount like “call to get a free consultation” or “buy one get one free” 6.Trust worth There a reason why billboards are all about smiles and cute babies, if you can get the client to trust your advert, it’s a free way for you. 7.Repetition and consistency When clients sees the advert over and over again, they don’t forget and when need arises it is crucial that your product is the first one to come to mind.

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