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setup microsoft windows server 2012 ip address using powershell

Posted: 2015-06-30

Windows Server 2012 comes with power shell tool that can be used to administrate the server especially if you are using the Core version of the Operating System that does not have the GUI interface. 1) First display installed adapter name or names using this command: Get-Net-NetAdapter PS C:Usersspidertip> Get-NetAdapter Name InterfaceDescription ifIndex Status MacAddress LinkSpeed ---- -------------------- ------- ------ ---------- --------- Ethernet 2 vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter #2 20 Up 00-0C-29-E4-7C-BD 10 Gbps Ethernet vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter 12 Up 00-50-56-93-08-CC 10 Gbps Make a note of your adapter names. We have two VMWare adapters (Ethernet 2 and Ethernet) in the above example but this might be different in your server. 2) Disable the DHCP by using this command: Get-NetAdapter ethernet | Set-NetIPInterface -dhcp Disabled 3) Assign new manual IP address using this command: Get-NetAdapter ethernet | new-NetIPAddress -DefaultGateway -PreFixLength 24. -PreFixLength defines your subnet mask. 4) Setup the DNS by using this command: Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceAlias ethernet -ServerAddresses,

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