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Setting up your Windows 10 to use Fingerprint login

Posted: 2020-05-17

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Microsoft gives you more options to sign to your Windows 10 computer based on your device capabilities.
For example, you can sign with local account, Microsoft account, fingerprint, face recognition, Pin, physical key or password.

Windows Hello Fingerprint enables you to use a fingerprint sign-in option to Login to your laptop, tablet, device, app, or even websites faster and securely.

In this tip, I will show you how setup the Windows Hello Fingerprint login.

To do this

1. Click Start and then click Settings

2. Click Accounts

3. Click Sign-in options, from the left panel

4. Click Windows Hello Fingerprint

5. Click Setup and click Get started

6. If your computer was setup for PIN login, type your PIN number and click OK otherwise go to step 7

7. A finger printer scanner should come up, put your finger on your laptop's fingerprint scanner, press it multiple times,
It might ask you to scan it from different angle, do that.

8. When done, it should ask you to setup a PIN for backup option, setup a PIN and click Finish

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