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setting up and configuring dhcp relay agent

Posted: 2009-05-05

DHCP relay agent sends a request on behave of the client to DHCP server on different network. When you have multiple networks segments, you can enable a single DHPC services on a one network and use a relay agent to relay the DHCP request to the DHCP server on the other network. If you have RFC 1542 enabled router, DHCP relay agent is not necessary. The purposes of DHCP Relay Agent is to pass through the client broadcasts through the none-RFC 1542 enabled routers. To setup and configure DHCP Relay Agent on Windows Server 2008 router, follow these steps 1. On the DHCP Relay Agent machine, click Start, choose Administrative Tools and then click on Routing and Remote Access. 2. Expand the server object tree, expand IPv4, right click on General, and click on New Routing Protocol. 3. Select DHCP Relay Agent in the new routing protocol window and click ok. DHCP Relay Agent object should be created under the IPv4. 4. Right click the DHCP Relay Agent and click on New Interface. 5. Select the network that does not have a DHCP server and click ok and click ok again. 6. Right click and the DHCP Relay Agent again and click on Properties. 7. Type the DHCP Server address and click on Add and then click ok.

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