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setting up and configuring dhcp in windows server 2008 network

Posted: 2009-05-05

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns IP addresses or Internet Protocols to all your network devices such as computers, printers, and other TCP/IP enabled devices. This article will show you the process of setting up and configuring a DHCP for your Windows Server 2008 network. To setup and configure DHCP on Windows Server 2008 Server, follow these steps: 1. Configure Static IP address for the DHCP server. 2. Click Start and then click on the Server Manger. 3. Select Roles from the left panel of the Server Manger. 4. In the middle section under the summary, click on Add Roles. 5. In the Select Server Console, check DHCP Server and click next. 6. Click next on the Introduction to DHCP server console. 7. Select the network IP address of the adapter that will service the clients if there are multiple adapters on this server or leave it default if you have one adapter. Click next. 8. Type the root domain name in the parent domain field, the primary DNS Server IP address, and the Secondary DNS server IP address if any. Click next. 9. Click next on the Specify Wins Server console. (If you have Wins Server on your network, type your Win Server IP address). 10. In the Add or Edit DHCP scope console, click on Add , type the scope name, starting and ending IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and choose wired or wireless network. 11. In the Configure DHCPv6 Stateless Mode, choose disable and click next. 12. Click next to authorize the DHCP server. (You should be the Enterprise Domain Administrator to authorize the DHCP. Specify a user with Enterprise Administration privileges if you are not logged as an Enterprise Administrator). You can skip to authorize the DHCP by putting check mark on skip DHCP authorization. DHCP must be authorized to service. 13. Review the confirmation summary and click Install to install and authorize the DHCP. 14. Close the DHCP console once the installation completes.

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