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seeking a marriage partner online

Posted: 2015-01-16

A major part of our lives occurs online. We shop online, we talk to our friends and family via the internet, we even find a job online. So why seeking a marriage partner should be any different? If we have the means to do so, it would be a pity not to take advantage. There are hundreds of websites specialized in finding the perfect match for you, whether you are looking for someone to cast away the loneliness or even a lifetime partner. When you are too busy to maintain an active social life, online dating may not only be the right choice, but the only choice you have to find someone. Plus, it takes a lot of effort to go out every night, to seek places where you have a chance to meet the perfect one. And then the dating ritual starts: you are anxious, nervous, you buy new clothes, you make up scenarios about how the date would go and you promise youíd call even though you know you wonít or, vice versa, you wait by the phone, sometimes without results. Online dating may solve many of these problems. First of all, there is certain information you know from the start (such as age, place of work, maybe some hobbies) and this will help you save a lot of time. You can jump over the profiles that you donít relate to and go straight to the ones of the people you feel you can have a relationship with. Plus, there are many options and the chances youíll find a marriage partner are quite high. From this point on, itís up to you. But when you go on a Ďhuntí, there are some things you need to consider and certain steps you need to follow: 1. Choose a website There are many websites where you can find a marriage partner, but some of them are better for you than others. You need to decide where you feel most comfortable (regarding the amount of information you need to share, the number of people that use that website, etc.) and create an account. Of course, you can have a profile on multiple sites in order to increase your chances. 2. Decide what kind of person you are looking for Before looking for a marriage partner, you need to decide what kind of person you want next to you. This is an extremely important step, because you will spend the rest of your life with them and you should know from the start if there are things you canít accept. Maybe your father was in the Army and you donít want someone who will be gone a lot of time, like he was; or maybe you love dogs and itís natural to look for somebody who shares your affection for animals. 3. Ask them a lot of questions When you find someone you like, itís essential to learn as many things as you can about that person. Start your conversation slowly, asking about general information, such as career, hobbies, favorite music and so on. If things go well, you can try to go into more personal aspects of their lives, like religion, politics, if they want children or not, etc. 4. Donít expose yourself too much At first, you shouldnít uncover too much information about yourself. Be careful until you feel comfortable with your conversational partner. Also, it is advisable not to talk too much about your previous relationships. 5. Start planning your first date After you get to know each other online, you can move on to a real date. If you got along great so far, you will probably do so face-to-face, as well. And remember, a recent study says that one out of five people found a marriage partner online. So you may be among the lucky ones!

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