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sap certification types for better career prospects

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-04

SAP Certification speaks of an official authorization and documentation which serve as an evidence that you are specialized in one or more SAP modules. The certification has presently three planes, namely Associate, Professional and Master. Before going for this certification, you need to attend the SAP training, wherein you are taught about the software in the module you choose. The remote learners can even undertake online SAP training before certification. After you productively comprehend the concepts and the teachings, you are ready to take the examination. In this certification, you can opt for flexible and tailor-made programs even. The three levels of certification depend on the learner as to the basic concepts, and the complexity progressively rises. The Associate level certification gives you the most basic concepts of SAP, opening the doors for you in the field. It includes the basic knowledge about SAP and ERP for you to start as a fresher in SAP. The Professional level SAP certification is advanced than the Associate level. Here only those with prior experience in SAP project implementation can apply. It requires a thorough knowledge and experience about SAP and an understanding of ERP software. The third level of certification is the Master level SAP certification, wherein you have the maximum chances of having a job. It requires expertise in formal and practical methods in SAP project implementation and a broad experience. The level rigorously checks for the candidates through lengthy processes and they are required to prove themselves here. The certification for Business One and Business all-in-one ERP solutions is also available in Ireland and UK currently. This certification is particularly beneficial for those willing to work with the SMEs in UK. The standards of SAP programs are developed very high and therefore, its certification requires exceptional skills and knowledge. Those who hold this level are regarded as elite groups and have successful careers. However, direct experience and quality knowledge, both contribute to the true success of its career. Those having prior experience in SAP implementation can build better prospects in their careers. However, choosing the right certification in SAP is of utmost importance, as it offers various elements like Finance, HR, MM, CRM, etc. Ultimately, SAP certification is a successful long-term investment wherein you can be sure of a bright career with relevant experience and knowledge.

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