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saint martin island

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-14

When you are in Bangladesh, if you are looking for an adventure to an exotic island which is spectacular in look, feel and environment wise then Saint Martin Island is the place you should go. It is a small 8km wide coral island located at the southern corner of Bangladesh. Though people have been living here for 250 years, the current name was found in British period. It has several local names such as Narikel Ginjira or Daruchini deep etc. Fantastic weather, clean water, magnificent view of the ocean, collection of assorted environment within this island makes it a top tourist spot of the country. Tourist season starts at November and continues to February. As it is in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, visiting this island in off season wouldn’t be the best of ideas. The only transportation option is via boat or ship. A number of cruise companies now operating to take tourists to this island. Tourists can book their ship or sea truck from the port city of Chittagong or the beach city of Cox’s Bazar. One interesting fact about Saint Martin is until 2004 only foreigner and non residential Bangladeshi’s were allowed to visit this island. But it is now open for all which also increases the risk of harming the natural environment of the island. Tourists can now find a number of hotels in the island if they want to stay for a night or so. Hotels with good facilities are available but if you want a touch of adventure and camping fun, there are some Tent hotels which have modern bedding inside their tents. So you can feel the comfort and adventure of tent at the same time. You can walk through the whole island at day times to experience its remarkable view but make sure you don’t cause any harm to the natural habitat of the place.

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