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revoking trust relationship in windows server 2003 active directory

Posted: 2009-10-15

To revoke a trust relationship Windows Active Directory domain using Domains and Trusts Console, follow these steps. 1. On your master domain controller, click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click on Active Directory Domains & Trusts. 2. In the left panel, right click the Domain to revoke its trust and click on Properties. 3. Click the Trust tab. 4. In the Incoming Trust or Outgoing Trust box, select the trust to revoke and click on remove. 5. Click Yes to the warming and click finish. You can also revoke trust using the Windows Command line using Netdom command. Netdom command is available on Windows Server 2003 after you install the support tools. To revoke trust using Command line, follow these steps. 1. Opne the command prompt. 2. Type Netdom trust TrustingDomainName /d:TrustedDomainName /remove and then hit Enter.

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