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Reset or Refresh Windows 10 to factory default

Posted: 2020-07-04

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Recover, restore or reset Windows 10

Windows 10 can be reset to factory default by cleaning the system from all the apps, settings, and data. You would normally use this option if your device is having problems, corrupted operating system files or infected with a virus that cannot be removed. Please note; once you refresh or reset the Windows 10 device and choose the option to keep nothing, it will wipe out all your data applications and settings. Windows 10 gives another option to reset Windows and keep your data, this is a safer option if you want to keep your personal data such as documents, pictures, videos, and favorites.

To access Windows 10 recovery or resetting options;

1. Click Start then click Settings

2. Click Update & Security

3. On the left panel, click Recovery

4. Under the Reset PC, click Get Started

5. Choose one of the two options Keep my files or Remove everything. Remove everything will wipe out your device completely.

6. Choosing one of the options above will either wipe out your device completely or remove apps & settings and restore the operating system to default.

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