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renew or reset windows vista 30 days grace period

Posted: 2009-05-10

As you may already know, you donít have to go out and buy Windows Vista DVD to install it on you computer. You can download a copy from Microsoft website and burn to a DVD or buy, install, use it without activation it first. By default, Windows Vista grace period is 30 days. After 30 days you will have to activate this operating system in order to continue using it. You can extend the 30 days grace period to 120 days by simply typing the slmgr Ėrearm in your command prompt. To re-arm or reset the Windows Vista Grace Period to 120 days, follow these steps: 1. Click Start and type cmd in the text field. 2. Right click CMD, and click on Run As Administrator. 3. In the command prompt, type slmgr Ėrearm and hit enter. 4. Wait for about 30 seconds and a message will pop-up informing you, command has succeeded. 5. Restart the computer.

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