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remove googles most visited websites thumbnail or snapshot

Posted: 2014-07-11

Google chrome by default creates snapshot of your most visited websites and displays each time you open a new tab or or open the browser first time. If you don't like this feature, there is way to disable it and show the website you like to see each time you open a new tab on Chrome browser. To do this; 1) Install New Redirect. This is a browser add-on that allows the user to provide default website for the new tabs. 2) Click + Free link showing on the picture bellow 3) Click Add on the pop-up window to install the add-on on your browser 4) On the New Tab Redirect add-on, specify the url to open by default You can also clear out the snapshots one by one by simply closing the snapshot. To do this; 1) Hover over the thumbnail and click the x for each thumbnail. clearing your browser history will also clear out the most visited websites thumbnail images.

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