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recall an email sent by mistake in outlook 2010

Posted: 2014-06-25

Have you ever sent a message and realized that you forgot something or sent to a wrong recipient? There is an option to recall unread sent messages in Microsoft Outlook 2010 with exchange back-end. This article describes how to "recall" the sending of an email message in Outlook 2010. To do this, follow these steps: 1) Start Outlook 2010 if it is not already running. 2) Locate the message you wish to retract in the Sent Items folder. 3) Double-click the message to open it. 4) Click the Actions button located in the Move section of the ribbon. 5) From the menu, choose Recall This Message. Outlook opens the Recall This Message dialog box. 6) Select Delete unread copies of this message option or the Delete unread copies and replace with a new message option, then click OK. You will get a response that the message has been recalled if the process was successful.

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