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python game development how to

Posted: 2015-02-16

Python isn't typically seen as a programming language used to make games. But with the help of a library directed specifically at making Python games, it's possible to easily create fun and elaborate games. PyGame is a set of useful modules, including libraries for graphics and sound, that make game development in Python easy. PyGame offers many competitions for game development and can be functional as applications on Android devices. Documentation, tutorials, and project examples for using PyGame can be found on the PyGame website at pygame.org. To get started, go to pygame.org and download the latest version. Then maneuver to the tutorials page where you can select from multiple general tutorials. A recommended tutorial for getting started is "sjbrown's Guide To Writing Games". Once you follow the tutorial, you'll be on your way to understanding PyGame functions and to developing your very own games in Python.

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