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Proteins the important part of our diet

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-03-14

Proteins, known as the building blocks of our lives, were recognized as the first substance to be a vital part of the living tissue. It finds its name from the Greek word proteos, meaning “taking first place” or “primary”, which in itself indicates its importance in the body as a nutrient. Protein is known to perform a variety of functions in the body playing a vital role as enzymes, body tissues components and immune cells. It is even important to repair your body cells and for the growth and development during the time of childhood, pregnancy and adolescence. Its basic structure comprises of a chain of amino acids. The requirement of protein varies according to everyone’s body, weight and age group, like for an adult women, the amount may be roughly 0.75 g/kg, for adult men 0.84 g/kg and 1 g/kg for breastfeeding or pregnant women and for those over 70 years of age. For those people involved in high resistive workout and persistent exercise, like long distance running require a protein content of 1.2 to 1.7 grams of proteins per day for each kg of weight of the body. Sources of Protein To keep the protein content of the body high and at proper levels, it is advisable to consume foods that act a rich source of protein. Some of the foods include turkey and chicken breast, tuna, salmon and halibut fish, non-fat mozzarella cheese, lean beef and veal, tofu, beans, yogurt, milk, eggs, seeds and nuts. Apart from these, the best, easiest and the most convenient way to consume protein is protein powder. Types of Proteins The categorization of proteins can be done in two ways, namely complete and incomplete. The proteins which come from animal products like beef, chicken, turkey, fish, bison, etc. which contain all the essential amino acids used to keep the body healthy are known as complete proteins. Whereas, those coming from plant produce like vegetables, nuts, grains and beans which provide an array of limited amino acids are known as incomplete proteins. How Much Protein Do I Need This is the most common question that would arise after knowing the importance of protein. You can know the protein requirement of the body by knowing its weight, size, activity level and age. According to a method, an easy way to calculate the protein content is to multiply the body weight by 0.8 in kg. This would give you the minimum amount to be consumed or which is meant to be essential for the body. You can even consult your nutritionist if you are not sure of it. How Much Quantity Should Be Taken With Shake When choosing your protein powder, you should note the various characteristics they offer. They can be chosen according to the types of protein used, cost per serving, flavors and sweeteners used and additional ingredients used to enhance its benefits. This is because, not every powder is same and differs on their absorption and digestion rates. According to a research, the whey protein is absorbed at the highest rate of approx. 8 to 10 grams per hour, whereas the slower proteins are absorbed at the rate of 3 grams per hour. Also, it is not recommended to consume extra protein and it should be consumed with some gaps in between so that it is absorbed properly to a maximum extent and to avoid unpleasant experience, as well. Therefore, an amount of 30 grams per shake is quite reasonable to be taken every day. However, it is always good to consume a protein shake after you have done with your workout, as it helps to replenish the important amino acids which get depleted during the exercise. Results Of Not Consuming Proteins Our body needs nutrients in proper quantity and so we have to make sure that it is supplied to it in right amounts. However, the body stores fat and glucose for its use in case it is not supplied for the same for some time. But it is not so for protein, since it has a little storage for it. And therefore, any shortage of it may result into breaking down of muscles within a day or so for its requirement to be fulfilled. How To Know The Correct Levels Of Protein To Be Consumed For a person on a normal diet, the protein content to be consumed may not be of great worries. But for those on a diet, consumption in the correct quantities is a must, as they are already on a high protein diet. According to a report, the only known danger of high protein is kidney diseases. Also, it pointed out that increase in protein content could help in treating obesity and also prevent osteoporosis. The extra protein in our body can be broken down in the process of gluconeogenesis into glucose. A benefit that the body gets of obtaining the glucose from the protein is that it is absorbed slowly into the bloodstreams, thereby preventing a rapid increase in the blood sugar. So here, we see that the information given above gives us quite a detailed description of why proteins are called the building blocks and why it is an essential part of our nutrients to be supplied to our bodies. Moreover, Protein intake is one of the most important demands that your body makes. If you’re informed enough, you can regulate your protein intake, which will result with healthy organism and strong muscles.

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