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pros and cons of drinking milk on daily basis

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-29

With busy schedules and fast moving lives, we prefer meals that are easy to make and convenient along with meeting the requirement of a balanced diet. One such meal that fits into these requirements is milk. It is considered a “complete meal” since ages. Check out the following points that will make you rethink this consideration. Pros of drinking milk on daily basis • A complete meal Milk contains all the essential vitamins and minerals (except iron) that our body need to function well. • Care taker of bones and muscles Milk provides Vitamin D and calcium to strengthen bones and essential proteins for muscle growth. • Natural dehydrator Milk contains appreciable amount of water molecules that contribute in rehydrating the body and restoring the essential mineral content. • Neutralizer Milk treats acidity of the stomach through its cooling effect. • Health guard Milk keeps the body immunity high and relieves all day stress when taken before bed. • Looks enhancer Keeps up the complexion fair and helps in reducing weight through its amazing vitamin contents. Cons of drinking milk on daily basis • Coronary Heart Diseases Daily intake of milk increases susceptibility to Coronary Heart Diseases due to deposition of fat in the arteries leading to their blockage. • Lactose intolerance Milk contains lactose that needs to be converted into simpler sugars. Lactose intolerance keeps the track of lactose accumulation in the body and varies on individual basis. Excessive lactose accumulation (through milk) impairs the lactose intolerance mechanism and results in symptoms such as recurring abdominal pain and cramps. • Cancer risk Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) is normally present in our blood and also supplied with milk for growth and other good reasons but higher levels of (IGF-1) have been found to increase cancer risk. • Iron deficiency Milk does not contain iron and is found to impair the iron absorption ability from other sources which all together results in iron deficiency in the body.

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