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potent advertising campaign

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-27

Billions are being spent on advertisement on daily basis and the success of business is deemed considerably dependent on advertising. Advertising means bringing a product into the notice of general public and motivating its sale. The word advertisement is derived from Latin words AD and VETRO which mean to attract the customer towards the products. Advertising includes all paid form of non-personal presentations for the promotion of ideas, goods and services by a sponsor. There are many ways to enhance and make effective advertising campaigns using print and electronic media that would have a greater impact over the society over a short period of time. Using newspapers and magazines as a medium of advertisement are the traditional methods though are effective and efficient. Advertising through radios and televisions is most effective of all. The colourful commercials with the demonstration of product and explanation attract the consumers. Some producers advertise through songs and music on the radio which is very fruitful and even the illiterate person could get the idea. Cinemas is also used as a media of advertisement. The drycleaners, hairdressers, jewellers, and many other producers can get help and aid from the cinema management in promotion of their specific products. Using hoardings and neon sign boards yields a successful ad campaign making a lot customers. Pasting posters, distributing pamphlets and travelling stations displays are very beneficial in increasing the sale of products and finding out trustworthy retailers. Moreover, displaying your products on the social network places, can yield an effective sale span in a shorter period of time. As these network places are always jam packed with people so there is a better chance that the producers may have a quite drastic increase in their net sales. These methods are adopted by many entrepreneurs in enhancing the sale of their products.

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