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poetry readership these days

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-28

Poetry is an art, used since ages, to express emotions through rhythmic words. Itís a form of literature which has long history. Poetry was born with the advent of folk songs and the need to retell epics. Later, it was used in drama, songs and comedy. Poetry if sincere is a strong way of evoking emotional responses. It can be short or long, simple or complex, light or heavy but, a poem is meaningful only if it can make an impact on its reader. But, thatís a second thought, these days poems are not able to find their readers. A recent study in America shows poetry to be less popular than dance and Jazz. Although poetry is more accessible through internet to more readers, data shows that number of searches made through google for ďpoetryĒ have fallen abruptly since 2004. Also, most of these online readers are students who need help with their coursework, rather than people reading it for leisure. There are various Poetry contests which are organized each year worldwide, which also receive big money from renowned sources, still these efforts donít make much impact on declining readership numbers. This declining number is not just for poetry it tells that this is a world of declining emotions. Today we are living in an era, where we have to spare time for our loved ones, for some this spared time too costs a lot. We donít have time to be melodramatic. How can we expect people to read a serious piece of art when they need to plan each hour of their life to earn other important numbers? Numbers in the form of money or in the form of achievements. Poetry is remembered only when someone is really glad or someone is really heartbroken. And It is doubtful if many people these days get the time to be as human as poetic.

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