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poetry a quick overview

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-19

Poetry is defined as the creation of an individualís imagination, and like other literary work of art, poetry also needs understanding and appreciation. A poet writes for a cause, and to purposely evoke emotions or represents something about anything and to entertain. There are different types of poetry, but the most popular are narrative, lyric and dramatic and each of these types are flooded with sub-genres, which depend to the scheme, rhythm, style and emotions of the writer. Each of these types is written and sounded differently, but they all have a special meaning to the poetís heart. Narrative poetry is a type of poem that is telling a story. Stories about culture, national, heroic events and a lot more. While lyric poetry is mostly focused with thoughts and emotions. If you are doubtful to express your feelings and thoughts through poems, maybe you should start to appreciate successful songwriters who started their lyrics through poetry. When the poem is incorporated with rhythm and beats will turn into a beautiful song. Dramatic poetry is a type of telling-a-story or portrayal of the situation, which is written in verses . To make everything clear, poetry is a piece of literature, which is written by a poet for expressing thoughts and emotions using different types of similes and styles. To become a good poet, it is vital to understand everything about poetry before letting yourself get into the world of poetry writing. You can visit the web and read some famous works of the well-known poets to get ideas with their styles in writing. Through this, you can have some ideas about the styles of great poets and make it guide to start your poetry writing. Always remember that poetry is a self expression, where you are free to put into words your feelings, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

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