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paper crafts for kids

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-16

At a time the virtual world is threatening to restrict the creativity of growing minds, it has become imperative for parents, teachers and educators to start incorporating lessons of paper crafts for kids. The sheer fun and thrill of creating something of their own will be enough to induce a new wave of excitement and the willingness to learn. Easy paper crafts for kids Children can learn to be creative by including handicrafts in their daily activities. Following are two of the easiest and most colourful paper crafts for kids: Paper windmills: You need two sheets of coloured paper. Cut two square pieces from the sheets. Now, use the ruler to draw two diagonal lines across the squares so that they meet in the middle. You need to cut till two third along each of the four lines in both the sheets. Now, both the sheets need to be held together so that you can bend the paper in the opposite direction along the lines cut. The paper should bend into the centre while you hold the corner down. Then you need to lock the folds by using a pin and pushing it through the paper, the beads and finally through the rubber end of a pencil to hold the structure together. The windmill is ready - all you need to do is blow it! Fish plates: Take a few plain paper plates. Now, cut a triangle away from one side and stick the triangle on the other side of the plate, your fish has his tail ready. Now you can paint the eyes above the triangle. Use your imagination and paint the scales using sketch pens or crayons. You can also draw curved lines on the sides for a better effect. Your fish can have an open mouth or a smiling face (if you just draw a curved line along one side instead of cutting the triangle). Ability to learn and be creative is fostered by participating in art and crafts lessons. Read on and learn more about easy paper crafts for kids.

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