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opening multiple skype accounts in single pc or laptop at the same time

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-19

Suppose you have different skype account for different reasons, like you have one account for your family only and one for others, one for general use and one for official use, one for clients and one for employees, or one for friends only and another one for official use, or one special account for your wife and many other accounts for your girlfriends!! There are so many reasons for having the need of using several Skype accounts and also reasons to use them at the same time. Now when you are using a single computer for communicating all sorts contacts you would be wondering if it is possible to use several accounts at the same time in the same computer. For your delight, in fact this is possible to log in to different skype accounts at the same time in your PC or laptop with little tricks applied. There are couples of methods from which you can log in to multiple skype accounts at a time. We will be discussing the shortest and easiest method here. The top benefit of this method is that it is easy to implement and you can open as many skype accounts as you wish. And it doesnít need any special or technical method for doing this. Simply copy and paste a line into the RUN or TERMINAL window and that will open a new skype login window. Now letís jump into details. For Windows Users: In Windows computers or laptops you can find the Run window box by clicking on Start >> Run. Simply type or copy and paste the following line in your Run box "C:\Program Files\SkypePhoneSkype.exe" /secondary This is for windows 32bit operating systems. For 64bit operating systems the line should be this: "C:\Program Files\(x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe" /secondary These instructions are for those who have installed their operating system in C drive. For people who have their operating system installed in different drives or locations they should replace the drive or location in that line. For MAC Users: Open your terminal and type the following line or just copy paste it: sudo /Applications/Skype.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype Wala!! Now just type or paste the line as many times as you wish and use multiple skype accounts in your single PC or Laptop.

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