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Openbaar Vervoer Museum, Netherlands

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-10-17

Openbaar Vervoer Museum is situated in the eastern Dutch city of Doetinchem. Openbaar Vervoer (Dutch) or Public Transport (English) Museum has got an amazing collection of models of train, bus and other forms of public transport. Anybody who has got an interest in the history of public transportation can visit this museum in Doetinchem. The extensive collection of antique models includes scale models of trains, tramcars and buses that were once in use in the public transportation mainstream. Besides, museum visitors can also take a close look at the objects and uniforms that were in use once upon a time. The museum is a repository where history of public transport comes alive every day.

Brief History

Today�s Openbaar Vervoer Museum Doetinchem is the extended and expanded form of the private collection of one Cor Ooijevaar, who was a passionate collector himself. With his collection grown really big, Cor decided to put his vast collection on public display. In 1989, Cor and his wife, Diny, started the museum as Diny Foundation Public Transport Museum, with him as the secretary and Diny the treasurer-cum-secretary of the newly founded museum. The Public Transport Museum was formally inaugurated in 1988. The museum underwent a complete makeover during 1989-1990 and the museum board decided to shift the museum to Doetinchem. The Doetinchem museum was officially reopened in September 2006.

Interesting Things to See and Do

The Doetinchem Public Transport museum is an open-to-all museum and guided tours are also available throughout the year. You can contact the museum authority in advance to get a guide. Group size must not exceed 12 persons. There�s so much to explore in this museum that it can easily be described as a treasure trove for people who are laser focused to the history of public transport.

Permanent Collection

The museum boasts of having a wonderful collection of items that pertain to the world of public transport. You can see the scale models of trains, tramcars and buses from outside the glass cases that enclose these rarest of rare collection. Not only that, the museum board has also used real photographs and videos to bring history back to life. Openbaar Vervoer Museum is often visited by kids and their parents as the moving trains and tramcars from yesteryears are as entertaining for the little ones as they are for the grown-ups. The museum in a way narrates the evolution of public transport system in Netherlands, right from the horses and horse-drawn carriages to modern day locomotives. You can find a complete documentation of public transport history here.

The GTW Collection

Inside the Public Transport Museum, you can find a separate space reserved for the Gelderland Tramwegen (GTW). This is where you can find the enlivened history of perhaps the most iconic public transport system in Netherlands.


The museum remains open from Tuesday through Saturday from 12 noon till 5 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm on all Sundays. It remains closed on Mondays. The museum also remains closed on major public holidays.

How to Get There

There are four major stations that connect the Openbaar Vervoer Museum with the other parts of the city, namely Wehl, Doetinchem Huet, Doetinchem central and Gaanderen. You can also avail bus from other parts of the city to reach the museum.

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