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noc outsourcing

Posted: 2016-01-04

What is NOC? Network Operation Centre. A NOC is a central location inside or outside your geographical region from where one or more networks are monitored, managed and controlled. The NOCís primary function is to maintain optimal network operations cross the platform they manage. Origin of NOC for MSPís:- NOCís have always used monitoring software to manage the networks. In recent years MSP business has grown to many fold and companies with limited funds found it difficult to operate a NOC and provide round the clock service. This need can be referred to as a creator of a NOC service for MSPs. As number of NOC providers increased and RMM tools became more effective, it has become easier to MSPs to outsource their NOC operations. A NOC for MSP uses your RMM to handle alerts in a pre-defined hierarchical and methodical manner so that the right amount of expertise is assigned to the right alerts. The NOC takes cares of the RMM alerts, proactive monitoring and after hours support, thus with the help of NOC, MSPs are able to cater to a larger customers and free themselves of routine maintenance task that that hold them back and free their precious valuable time. Now the question is why Outsourcing NOC? Outsourcing NOC for MSPs alert management and routine maintenance task to a NOC has multiple advantages. Some pecuniary, some competitive. Outsourcing NOC operations is no longer a choice for MSPs in this competitive market. All MSPs small or large are looking for a suitable NOC that meets their requirements. A NOC that can perform their routine maintenance task with impeccable accuracy, does their alert management flawlessly, has the technical expertise for handling projects and can be relied upon. NOC outsourcing is one effective way to keep the track of the efficacy of the functioning of a company especially in case of the small scale businesses. ConcordantOne Tech Pvt Ltd is a company that provides technical consultancy and IT support services along with competence in other domains such as IT, outsourcing services etc. to its customers. NOC Outsourcing: Potential up boost for Managed Service Providers. In todayís scenario there is a dual challenge faced by all major MSPís of maintaining growth as well as keeping pace with their customerís technological demands. The key to keeping up with this challenge is NOC Outsourcing. Remote management and monitoring backed up by NOC services is the full time resolution to this problem. As NOC service providers, we provide 24*7*365 technical support to our clients. The company provides NOC Outsourcing to India and other countries across the globe with its efficient team which is a unique blend of expertise and experience. Our main competencies lie in domains such as IT Infrastructure management, IT Infrastructure implementation; value added services and outsourcing services. ConcordantOne Tech provides NOC services that are involved in proactive monitoring, maintenance and management of the client companyís IT infrastructure. Our vision of being one of the leading companies in innovation and also in implementing it in close accordance with the MSP throughout the globe is well in alignment with the organization. Our mission statement throws light upon the road to be taken to fulfill our mission which is to establish long lasting accord with our prestigious clients and provide them the best services possible so as to exceed their expectations. NOC outsourcing provided by the ConcordantOne Tech aims at a target market comprising of various domains such as Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers, and IT Support/Infrastructure firms. We have proven trust worthy for startups as well as emerging leaders due to our unmatched standards of servicing excellence and timely delivery of services. Our NOC outsourcing services have also expanded to various other domains such as manufacturing, retail, life sciences, finance, and banking by the help and use of IT systems. At ConcordantOne Tech, we are well equipped with a team of dedicated experts and benefited by their global experience along with resourceful project managers to provide our clients with 24 / 7 outsourced NOC services , technical support and back office IT operations. We continuously strive to keep your business going on smoothly and minimize your downtime, guaranteed round the clock. NOC Outsourcing services are beneficial to the MSPs in reducing their operational costs and providing a good return on Investment. We in the disguise of our services offer to you dedicated project managers and single PoC for every client accounts, easy integration with your existing setup which ensures zero disruptions, maximum RoI in comparison to maintaining in house NOC team and the widest range of back office support services and IT consulting services. We aim at achieving for you 24/7/365 alert validation, backup management, performance monitoring, patch monitoring, anti-virus monitoring and other services that keep the functioning of your company smooth and in line with your aims and targets.

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