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Nishapur mines of turquoise (Neyshabur)

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-12-24

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Holy versus) Almighty has blessed this place known as earth with His countless blessings and sanctifications in different forms. Some are flooded with the visible beauty and somewhere the hidden miracles are present awaited for human attention. He the lord of this earth and thousands of like this spread the beauty and blessings from the bottom of the ocean to the heights of mountains.

Iran is a holy and blessed place on this planet with remarkable natural landmarks and natural resources in the form of oil, gas, deserts, and unique rocks hidden in mines. Nishapur the capital of Razavi Khorasan has claimed one of the endless blessings. Nishapur is also pronounced as Neyshabur in local communities. People call it with different accents following their ease. Owing to the beauty Nishapur is popular by the asset of mines or blue stone mines called Feroza in local terminology because of its gloomy sky color. Razavi Khorasan embraced the mines of turquoise millions of years back by the capital Nishapur. In the book of chemistry turquoise is a mineral like other minerals with some properties. It is a blue color mineral and temperature dependent it changes the color under the knock of high temperature from blue to smooth green. Chemically a phosphate hydrous made from aluminum and copper amalgam. This amalgam is heat dependent in the presence of moisture it turns blue same like the sky which loves to stay blue with water vapors. This is called a chemical phenomenon of heat and vapors with pressure.

Turquoise mineral got this name about 2,000 years back when Persia the former Iran was known as the major turquoise exporter. Before its discovery it was imported from France by the rout of turkey, so the name is also imported from French language. Apart from French name Turquoise is baptized by many local and national names alike blue gem, feroza and blue shine mine. 2,012m peak of Al-Mersai the middle region of Nishabur and hundreds of kilometer away from Meshhad is regorging beautiful shiny blue green stones. Not only in Iran but rest of the word where ornaments have a special place in markets consider the turquoise as an important ingredient for trendy ornaments and jewelry. From centuries it has sky high price owing to its fine grades, natural opaque gem category and eye catching color. The rarity and popularity can be depicted by its export demand. For this purpose Iran has established almost 221 mine routs in Nishapur touched the erstwhile caravan routs near the south of Caspian Sea. Thousands of workers got the opportunity of being employer in the modern and work friendly environment of mines that has established according to the wave of new technology. Iran is exporting finest processed stones as well it is also exporting in the raw form rocks as beautiful floor ingredient. The former emperors had exploited the network of mines around 2100 B.C and it turned into a work force community in the onset of 10th century. Authorities shaped differently to get more rocks for more stone.

Blue stones are popular worldwide for their demandable use in different items of jewelry. It has become the most discussed jewelry stone on the table of jewelry designers and the jewelry buyer's females. USA Kahuna's company, Ava jewelry USA, China jewelry China, Sadrah USA, Licious Netherland, Ng Slater corporation USA, Germany, Fineimprints USA, Cowboychic USA, South Africa, Blanc France, Star solutions Malaysia, Osiecki Brazil, Australia, Canada they are the leading buyers of turquoise. Despite of rareness, fineness, uniqueness the turquoise has lost its popularity and price because of imitation pieces in the market these lab made stone called synthetic gems they have reduce the uniqueness of turquoise in the list of buyers and in the eyes of admirers.

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