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new router setup basic new router configuration

Posted: 2014-03-10

Follow the instructions below to do the basic configuration setup for a new Cisco Switch or Router. 1) Connect your Router and power it up. 2) Use rollover cable to connect your laptop to the router using the Console port. 3) Download Putty.exe and run it. 4) Use Com1 serial port to connect to the switch. 5) Execute the commands below to setup the basic network connectivity of the router. a. ”Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:” n - respond no to this question b. Router>enable - Type en or enable to get to the privilege mode. c. Router# conf t - Type conf t or configure terminal to get to the global configuration mode. d. Router(config)#hostname MyRouter - Change the router name from default. e. MyRouter(config)#int fastEthernet 0/1 - Get into the interface level of the router/switch. On this command we are assuming network cable is plugged Fast Ethernet 1. f. MyRouter(config-if)#ip address - Setup the interface IP address. g. MyRouter(config-if)#description "Main Lan Enterface" - Interface description h. i. MyRouter(config-if)# exit - Step back to the global configuration mode. j. MyRouter(config)#enable password cisco - Set up a router password. k. MyRouter(config)#enable secret Cisco - Set up a encrypted router password. l. MyRouter(config)#enable password cisco - Set up a router password. m. MyRouter(config)#line vty 0 4 - Enter telnet console session. n. MyRouter(config-line)#password status - Setup telnet password. o. MyRouter(config-line)#login. p. MyRouter(config-line)#exit - return to the config. q. MyRouter(config)#line console 0 - Enter the console port interface r. MyRouter(config-line)#password cisco - Setup console port password s. MyRouter(config-line)#login t. MyRouter(config-line)#exit - Exit to the config u. MyRouter(config)#exit - exit to privilege mode. v. MyRouter#wr - save the configuration to the start-up config 6) Verify the configuration by using Show Commands a. MyRouter#show running-config - Displays running configuration b. MyRouter#show startup-config - Displays startup configuration c. MyRouter#show ip interface brief - Displays IP Interfaces Status & brief configraution. 7) If you have saved router configuration on TFTP server. Use the command below to copy the configuration from TFTP server to the Startup or Running configuration. MyRouter#copy tftp startup-config Address or name of remote host []? Source filename []? router_startconfig_11_02_2014 Destination filename [startup-config]? Y

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