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Natural arch south from Behbahan

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-11-11

Natural arches are like natural laws and natural surprises. Natural surprises are always mysterious, clue less and astonishing. Some appear in the form of landmarks some appear in the form of rain drops while some appear in the colors of rainbow. The breath with non tangible air is the most wrathful miracle and present from nature.

Iran is a multidimensional country with 31 provinces each with unique belonging to ancient history. Iran has produced ancient people with manmade surprises. It experiences different weathers with different civilizations. Many covered landmarks in Iran need a fire spark to embrace with introduction to rest of the world. Iran has many natural arches as the greatest natural landmarks but the arch from Behbahan is unique of its own kind. Connections of two bridges under hollow path look alike the creativity of nature with its full passion and care. Although it is a natural arch or God gifted arch but it looks like the perfectionist at its best. It depicts the finest curve made by rocks and garlanded by beautiful green trees. The winter season mushroom its exquisiteness under the rain of snow when green carpet embrace the tiny snow balls. While in spring season it portrait the scenery of flowers in the holy cave of arch. Birds chirping, air dancing and crowd of tourist with different get ups amazons this land piece with the glory of peace and love.

Behbahan is 1,105Km from Tehran, is a small town with semi desert climate and geography. It has burning summer with hot air and rainy winter with cool breeze and snow balls. Behbahan is the heart of desert globe with scorching environment. The blessed city Behbahan has faced many transmutations with the course of history and the growth of evolution by the name of revolution. It has small population because of successive wars in this region. This is a natural resource rich region with ultimate beauty and security. After the development of Behbahan populace started discovering its beauty and natural resources. Since then they have found Behbahan natural arch that has become a picnic point for the local population.� It has found its place in international community as well. Every year hundreds of people come to relish this peaceful natural beauty. Location is ideal merely 20Km away from Behbahan city and located on Bandar-e Deylam. This is a very popular location and always remains full with different crowds. Province of Khuzestan in the northwest of Iran is not very populated because of desert land. Apart from less developed road network, despite of being remote area, despite of less availability of technology people of this holy desert are perfect in their house hold factories. They are good in making ornaments and selling new designs. They have a perfect place for selling their manmade goods at the natural places at the places where tourist live and buy things. Bahbahan is popular because of their ornaments. Many tourists come at natural arch and buy world famous ornaments necessarily.

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