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national museum of indonesia

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-07-25

National Museum of Indonesia is located in Central Jakarta. The National Museum of Jakarta is also known by another name” Elephant Museum”. It is known as Elephant Museum because of a statue of an elephant, made of bronze is placed at the front entrance of the garden at the Museum. Collections The museum contains thousand of collections. The largest collection of antique Buddhist art is also found at the National museum of Indonesia. Some of the most admired collections of the National Museum of Indonesia are as follows: • Pottery collection • Environmental collection • Huge historic collection • Overseas collection • Statues collection • Military collection • Gold collection • Scientific collection • Cannons collection • Books collection in library Exhibitions The exhibition hall of the National Museum of Indonesia is divided in two parts. Large Number of successful exhibitions has been organized by the museum over the past many years. People from all over the world attend these exhibitions. In year 1931 an exhibition was organized in Paris, many items of the National museum of Indonesia were displayed in that exhibition. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the exhibition hall and destroys most of the collection. That was a great loss to the museum. Display Many people believe that artifacts are not displayed well in the National Museum of Indonesia. Although there are some of the best collections from around the world displayed at the National Museum of Indonesia but their way of displaying these collections is not very catchy and many people are not attracted by this style. If they display these artifacts with some innovative style surely more people will be attracted. JCM Radermacher JCM Radermacher was one of the main trustees of the museum. He gave his house and an enormous collection of books to the museum. His donations were the basis of museum at that time. As the collections increase later in 1868 Howland government publicly open the museum. That museum is now commonly known as the National Museum of Indonesia

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