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Museum of Vrouwenhuis

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-07-22

Netherlands is acquainted for its affluent heritage, literature and culture. Netherlands -the land that influenced the work of the likes of Descartes, the country which is credited for the discovery of the Titan(Saturn's Moon) and the Dutch literature that boasts of authors like Anne Frank, Joost Vondel to name a few - is a small country albeit, has always inspired the lives of many people. One such inspiring story lies in the Museum of Vrouwenhuis. The museum, that was once the home for Aleida Greve and then later was converted to an old age home on her insistence, lies in the heart of Zwolle city. With its collection of paintings from 17th century, the museum gives a beautiful insight into the lives of the people during that time. Anyone who has a deep interest in the progress of a human kind or thinks that history has a lot to offer, then this museum is a must visit.

Brief History

Aleida Greve was born in the year 1670. As a daughter of the largest beer brewer in Zwolle, Aleida lived a lavish lifestyle. She learned painting and impressed her master Wilhelmus Beurs, who later published a book dedicated to her. Aleida, as an artist drew paintings of her lifestyle and decorated her living room with those artworks. If you want o go back in time, this place offers exactly the same with its gallery of paintings and the various equipment used during that time. Later, Aleida bequeathed her property as an almhouse. The old woman and spinsters were allowed to dwell at her place without any rent. They were even given a monthly allowance to sustain their lives.

The Women's House was opened to public in 1987 and since then it served as a museum.
Interesting Things to See

A tour to the enchanting Museum of Vrouwenhuis delivers the visitor a captivating experience and a ride back to the history. A prior appointment is needed to visit this fascinating museum. The museum offers a guided tour of about two hours which includes acumen into the history of the Women's House. The first part of the tour portraits the history of washing and ironing before the electricity was invented. The laundry room is embellished with the equipment dated from that era. This is followed by a lecture about their dining habits with special focus on tea and sugar. A painting by Comelia van Marle beautifully depicts a tea drinking party and is one of the oldest paintings in the world. Connoisseurs of art will enjoy the rare artwork of six 17th century painters, which are preserved in this museum. Theatrical representations are organized in the museums for large groups. All the representations are based on real life incidents that happened in that house.

How to get there

The address is as follows: Foundation The Women's House, Melkmarkt 53, 8011 MB Zwolle.

The Museum is about 10 minutes walk from Zwolle station. Parking is available at about 50metres. Nearest bus stop is Eekwal or Rodetorenplein. The nearest airport is Amsterdam Airport.

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