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motorcycle air filter different types revealed

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-27

Motorcycle air filter is a device used to enhance the airflow and protect your engine from dirt. Huge amount of air is passing through your motorcycle engine every time you use it and the air is usually dirty. In the long run, the dirt will build up in the engine resulting with a poor performance of your motorcycle. For that reason, the speed and power your motorcycle can travel will be reduced and sooner or later the engine will totally malfunction. That is why the air filter is important to make your engine free of dirt. Motorcycle air filters will ensure that the air passing through your engine is clean, which will prevent all the unnecessary problems to happen. Make sure that you choose a good quality of air filter; unreliable air filters will give you an opposite result. Good filters will not just make the engines clean but will also improve the performance of the bike’s engine. There are different kinds of air filters that can be used for your motorcycle, which varies depending on the bike’s manufacturer. There are oil foam filters, fabric air filters and paper air filters. Oil Foam Air Filters – this type of air filter is suitable for dirt bikes, which uses oil to filter dirt and the foam acting as the supporting frame of the oil. To make the filter function effectively, you need to put oil into the foam in the filter. Clean the filter with solvent for a number of times, rinse and dry. Fabric Air Filters – this type of filter is a meshed metal with gauze-like fabric inside, which have functions for cleaning the air that passes on the engine. Cleaning this filter will only require water and soap, and then dry it before putting some oil produced by the air filter manufacturer. Paper Air Filters – this is a type of air filter that are commonly used by the motorcycles. The filter will only function well if dry, thus, keeping it dry will give you the best results. Clean this filter by blowing the folded flaps or vents.

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