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microsoft edge

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-10-30

Microsoft edge, is an exciting new browser that has been introduced in Windows 10. The Microsoft has dumped the Internet explorer that was being used for the past few decades. Microsoft Edge is simpler and easy to use. New features have been introduce in Windows 10 which have made it a lot more fun to use. Moreover, interaction of the explorer with Cortana Virtual Assistant provides an easier way to search for anything on the internet. Advantages of Using Microsoft Edge There are many advantages of Using the Microsoft Edge. The first and primary benefit is the increased speed that you will get by using Microsoft Edge. This speed cannot be availed if you are using other browsers. The preface of the Microsoft edge is user friendly and is convenient for reading. Reading mode is available as plug-ins in different browsers but in Microsoft Edge it has been included as a native feature. Reading mode removes the side bars and advertisements from a site and make it easier for the user to read stuff on the website. In past the internet explorer faced many security problems and was not used by many of the users. Microsoft Edge is now safer to use and has an improved security. A friendly user interface and a customizable start page makes Edge easier. Unlike, internet explorer which had a complex start up page and setting option, the Microsoft edge has a customizable start up page. You can customize your start page as per your wish. Cortana and Extensions Like Google Now and Siri. The Microsoft has introduced Cortana, which is an amazing virtual assistant. It provides an easier way to search anything on the web. Using Edge it has become really easier to annotate and share the pages that you like. However, extensions canít be added in Microsoft but to fix this problem an update is coming soon.

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