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medicinal plant for your garden

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-12

If you have a large garden or small garden in front of your house you can affix many different plants. Now you can also affix some medicinal plant in your beautiful garden. There are a lot of medicinal plants around; you need to choose which plant you want to add to your garden. You can talk to gardening experts for which plant should you add to your garden. Letís discuss about some medicinal plant. You can add Aloe Vera plant in your garden. Aloe vera plants are very helpful for skin. It can protect you from sunburn. Aloe vera also helps to get reduce from digestive, rashes and exczema problem. Aloe vera plants grow better in sunlight so keep this plant in direct sunlight. Nowadays stomach problems are a common disease. For such kind of stomach problems you can add Peppermint plant in your garden. It can also help you from bad breath and peppermint plant smells so good. This plant will make your garden smell wonderful. For nerve disorders normally people use Ginseng plant. This plant can be used for your overall health. It will boost your immune system and will give you a great stamina. You can also plant marigold. Marigold is not only a decorative plant it is also used for treatment of bee stings. It will also help you from other kind of insectís bites, fever, varicose veins and infections. Lavender plant is a very useful plant. It can help you to reduce any kind of pain. It is also used for skin disorders. To improve your digestion you can use this plants oil. Lavender plant helps to improve blood circulations and hypertension. Thyme is a popular herbal plant. You can use this plant for home remedy or as a hair product, skin product, insecticide etc. There are so many plants that you can plant in your garden not only for coloring expansion but also for growing natural medicine for your better health.

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