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mcculloch line trimmer review

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-19

Introduction Mcculloch Gas Powered String Line trimmers are for the populace who seek happiness from the regular sound of a whirring grass cutter. Nothing is more satisfying than to possess a well- groomed mountain. The smell of fresh cut grass and the magical greenery all around is even more satisfying. As a neutral customer, I can tell that this product is very effective and competent enough to provide proper domestication to your garden. Features: • New McCulloch 17" 25cc Curved Shaft String Trimmer is more compact and light weighted, which makes it perfect for a range of tasks in a small domestic corner. • This line trimmer can perform various edging and house trimming tasks with little difficulties. The special feature of Tap and Go makes it ever easier to operate. • It has a two piece shaft, which is compatible with a variety of accessories just to meet one’s unique needs. Edger, Hedge hammer, pole saw, cultivator, high reach saw, and many other extensions can be added to this String Line Trimmer. • Additional features include a 17 inch cutting Swath. It will allow you to cut the grass as per your required shapes and sizes. • It features a three-stroke Oxy- engine which generates enough power to shave off an enormous mountain within minutes Benefits: • Macculloch Gas Powered Trimmers are fully automatic trimmers which operate on gasoline and helps in maintaining the surrounding environment. • I am using it to give touch ups to my lawn and shape up my garden mountain and so can you. Macculloch trimmer will match all your specific requirements. • These are light weighted, convenient and start with a gentle squash of the trigger. Things to remember while using gasoline: Although it is not mentioned on the product description but one must take a few precautions before using this high- tech trimmer so that it could be sustained for a very long time. • Keep a check on the ethanol content present in your gasoline before using it. Only 10% ethanol is allowed for use in the outdoor power apparatuses.

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