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Margoon Waterfall

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-12-12

There are several noteworthy waterfalls in Iran like Dalfard, Sangan, Shalmash, Kaboud-Val. However, none compare to the majestic beauty and awe-inspiring grace of Margoon. The Persian meaning of the name says it all - snake like. This wonder of Mother Nature sits in the village of Margoon, just a short distance from the city of Sepidan in the Fars province of Iran. The falls rise to a jaw-dropping 70 meters in height and spans nearly 100 meters in width.

Numerous activities are enjoyed at this wonder of nature. In the spring/summer months, between May to October, rock and mountain climbing, camping, and hiking are the main draws. Hiking around the falls is fairly easy, however, if you venture took close, make sure you have rain gear with you if you don't want to get wet. Venturing further up the mountain is a bit tricky and should be carefully considered before hiking up the falls as the elevation of this mountain is more than 3600 meters. At the top of the mountain, you will be rewarded with an astonishing view of the mountains surrounding Margoon. In the fall/winter months, between November and April, tourists can enjoy skiing and snowboarding as well as mountain climbing. Be prepared, however. The temperatures get cold enough to freeze the falls.

Upon your initial approach to the falls, you will note the breathtaking sight of trees jutting out precariously from the mountain. Moss-covered rocks provide the perfect platform for the rapid water to cascade over.

The beauty of the flora and fauna will inspire any amateur or professional photographer to snap hundreds of images to take home to friends and family. Oak, Juniper and Persian terebinth trees comprise most of the topiary at the falls and there is an abundance of wild life to enjoy such as wild boar and goat, Persian leopards, fox and wolves.

As the destination is located in a village, there are permanent residents year-round. These dwellers work in fields and gardens as their main source of income. The women are skilled in weaving rugs and other hand-made crafts to showcase the region's many offerings. Tourists can purchase these souvenirs along with other local products such as walnuts, honey and even gold fish.

There is no fee to hike around the falls, however, this is a protected area and any destruction of the local flora or fauna is prohibited.

Of all the natural wonders to see in Iran, Margoon waterfall should be a top destination for anyone traveling in the region, no matter the season.

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