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Manage your career

Posted: 2016-07-10

Career management is the planning, control, and management of your professional life. As opposed to allowing things to happen to you! You need to have a goal and a plan as to how to achieve it.
The plan should detail what you want to be, where you want to go, how you will get there and how long you intend to stay.
It should be related to your personal goals and targets. Being able to handle developments in your career will enable you to avoid mistakes, have a confident approach to the present and implement a positive direction for your future. Managing your career will help maintain and develop your professional growth, development, and direction.

Successful career management can start as early as the first day you walk into school or college. You should clearly identify your goals before enrolling in a particular degree or course and preparing for a lifelong career.
Be specific with what are you good at and what you enjoy doing, and what you can see yourself doing every day of your working life. Being able to consider these questions will help you in understanding yourself better and where you are most likely to succeed.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Ask yourself if you are capable of performing the task or if you see yourself being successful in a certain area. If the answer is yes, then begin your quest to achieving your targets.

Remember to network and use your contacts, seek out as many people and opinions as possible. You just never know where the next door will open .Let senior colleagues and mentors be aware of your aspirations-they may be willing to help you if they consider you a good bet!
Career management is a lifelong exercise. Balancing your work and personal and social life is a difficult thing throughout your life .Many things change so don't be afraid to change with the times. It is all about adaptability and learning.
The ability to learn from every setback will make you smarter in making your next career move. The employment market may seem crowded, but being open to change will help you survive in difficult economic times .

But a word of caution. The world changes quickly and new opportunities may crop up that you have never considered or factored into your plan. A huge percentage of the working population today are in careers that were not even dreamt of when they were at school.- Web developer, programmer, data analyst, e-commerce manager, social media manager , TV shopping presenter- the list is endless.
Don't be so fixated and rigid in your career management plan that you don't see and recognize opportunities that emerge and present themselves as the world changes around you.
So have an outline plan, but be prepared to be flexible and adaptable. Continually evaluate the plan. Stay in control of your life and career and make the most of the opportunities you see!

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