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malaysian food

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-07

Malaysia with all its opulent diversities comprises with variant delicate foods. Malaysian cuisines are pre-eminently repercussions of miscellaneous cultures found in the country. As for being a country located in South East Asia, Indian and Chinese cuisines are expectant to be found along with Malaysia’s own cuisine. Besides these, the Malaysian cuisine is rich with assorted cuisines from manifold cultures like Indonesian, Thai, Bornean, British, Portuguese etc which makes this country’s culinary style sumptuous. The primary ingredient that are indispensable in Malay cooking starts surely with chilis and that is an ingredient expected in all South-east Asian country’s cuisines. Other key ingredients which are customary in Malaysia are Belacan (A kind of Shrimp paste), coconut, soy sauce and different types of herbs, tofu products and dried seafood products. Rice and Noodles are the base of most Malaysian dishes. Breads are also used in preparing Chinese and Indian dishes. As a Muslim country Malaysia maintains Halal quality in their meats. Fish are sold and eaten fresh as they come from river or sea. Frozen fishes are normally exported. Whether it is crab, prawn, squid, snails, octopus or beef even imported one’s every kind meat that is taken or eaten in Malaysia are supervised by the Government to make sure they are Halal for the Muslims. Even people from other religion in Malaysia prefer these meats. Malaysia is rich of vegetable’s and fruits that grows all year around. There’s a small sized popular food found in Malaysia called Kuih. It is a one bite sized food which can be called a dessert or a snack because it is either taken after meals or in the evening with tea. Besides that it is generally eaten all day. Kuih are a festive food and made traditionally at home. Kuih can consist pastries, cookies, sweet meats but they taste very much different then the western pastries. Basically Kuih’s are sweet food found in confectionaries, shops or even in streets and they have a significant value to portrait the food culture of Malaysia.

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