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learning html more tags

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-10

We have discussed and learned how to create your first HTML page with essential tags. We have also experimented tags by coloring background and putting title for your page. And we have discussed about color codes for HTML in previous articles. This is the third article of our HTML learning series. We will discuss about some more tags in this article. In this article we will discuss different attributes for Body tag. In simple language it means we will talk about more options we can put besides tag like we have leaned we can change background color of the page putting bgcolor attribute. Lets learn some more attributes for body tag. Sets the text color, using name or hex value. If you want to set a specific color of your texts for the whole page, you can use the attribute text. As values you can put your desired hex value. We have discussed about HTML hexadecimal color codes in previous article’s that you can find full set of hex color code values online in various websites. Sets the color of links, using name or hex value. If you are developing or designing a website there shall be links to surf to different pages. Now every website you see in the internet, every site have either different designs or colors for their links. This is to make it easier for you to identify the links of the pages. To set a specific color for all the links in your page you can use this option called link besides body tag. As values you can put your desired color code in hex form or direct naming like Red, Blue etc. Sets the color of followed links, using name or hex value. You must have noticed when you visit a previously visited link even in Google search the color is different. In Google previously visited links color is purple. You can set visited links color by using vlink with a value of your choice. Sets the color of links on click. You can set this option if you want your link color to be changed when you click on it. Now lets try implementing all these new tags we have discussed. My first Web Page Hello world You can set any color you want and experiment to different color to bring out your designing spirit form inside. Save as .html with your file to see what you have done.

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