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learning html how to build your first web page

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-22

Ever wondered how websites are build, how Web Pages are developed? The first thing that comes in our mind how these pages are, we certainly are familiar with Microsoft word. We type and the text appears and also can edit there. But in web pages there are no editors or we can’t even type anything unless there is some sort of fill up form. The answer is, these pages are coded using programming languages. Now you must be thinking Ohh no! not my cup of tea! Too technical and boring! You can take a look how the coding looks like by clicking View Source in your favorite browser. You will see texts written inside < and > signs. The language that is used to build web pages is called HTML – Hypertext markup language. Lets not discuss the technical part better jump to the action how you can make a web page yourself. Creating a web page using HTML is not a ride in the back of a mad bull, in fact you will find it surprisingly easy to work with HTML. You can write HTML in your notepad and within some time you will find it very interesting and easy. Let us have a look how to build your first web page using HTML. - The symbol < and > are used in HTML and commands or functions written inside it. In total they are called Tags. When you start a tag in HTML you must finish the tag with “/”. Like for the end tag will be . Open your notepad from All programs >> Accessories. Now type the following: This is the part or tag where all your designs and texts will take place Now in your notepad click on Files and then click "Save as". In "Save as Type" select All files. Name your file anything, for now you can name it “myfirstwebpage” and give the extension “ . html” so it should look like this – myfirstwebpage.html. Click Save and save it in your desktop. Now if you go to your desktop you will see a file named as your file but with your browser icon which means in web format. When you open that file it will open in your browser and will show the text you have written inside your tag. That is your first web page created by you. Was that so tough!

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