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learning html basic tags

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-22

We have discussed about how to create a simple webpage before. To find that particular article please browse through our categories. You can find it under Computer > HTML category. Now we will learn about some basic HTML tags that are really important for designing a web page and at the same time easy and fun to learn. We have seen the obligatory tags which must be written for creating a HTML page like to start with and tag. In this article we will learn how to add more tags and their role in web pages. We will learn about some basic tags and then will try to design a page implementing those tags. Sets off the title and other information that isn't displayed on the Web page itself. Under this tag several tags are placed such as tag or SEO related tags like <meta> or style sheet linking tags. Felling dizzy by this weird names! Don’t worry we will not discuss these now. <title> Puts the name of the document in the title bar. When you open a website, in the tab in your browser you can see its name. Like if you open gmail.com, you will see Gmail in its tab or when you minimize you will see the name in the minimized browser. Viewers or browsers will see what you put under tag. If you don’t put anything inside this tag your page will be named as Untitled Document. <body bgcolor=?> Sets the background color, using name or hex value. You can directly input color name in the value field like bgcolor = ”Red”. Or you can put hexadecimal color code. To simply understand HTML color code, they are a six digit code starts with #. Code comes in 0-9 in number and A-F in letters. Some example of hex color code: #330000, #000000, #FF3333 or You can mix up letters and colors to see what color it turns into. You can find list of HTML color codes online. Now try all these tags and create a new web page or edit the existing one you have done previously. Try the below one and see the result. <html> <head> <title> My first Web Page Hello world Instead of bgcolor = “Red” try putting some hex value. Use your imagination, mix up and see the result. That’s where from creativity comes.

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