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learn how to choose the best coffee blend

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-10

What can be the best compared to hot coffee in the morning? Iced coffee during the hot summer afternoon is also amazing. Coffee can be enjoyed is different ways. There are lots of coffee blends available in the market these days, and picking the perfect blend is sometimes confusing. Below are some of the coffee blends for every taste you want. • Light Coffee Blends – this blend usually have mild taste and can be perfect to individuals who do not like strong coffee taste. This type of blend is usually labeled as morning blends or breakfast blend coffee. • Medium Coffee Blend – this blend is stronger compared to light coffee blend and known to be medium bodied coffee. For those coffee lovers at the office, this type of blend is usually favored. Medium blend coffee is usually labeled as original coffee. • Dark Coffee Blend – this type of blend is usually favored by individuals who want their coffee to have stronger taste. This blend is perfect without creamer. This dark coffee blend is known to be French Roast coffee. • Flavored Coffee Blend – in the simplest definition, this type of coffee blend coffee with added additional flavors to the beans before they were grind up to provide a particular taste. These flavored coffees are quite popular with flavors like hazelnut or vanilla. There are some exotic coffee blends from several places around the world and every one of these is producing coffees with taste that are slightly different. Coffee blend from Africa is usually known to produce medium blend of coffee. In Asian countries, their coffee have stronger taste and slightly bitter. To add more, coffee blend from Latin America is usually light and with hints of sweet taste. Coffee is considered to be a simple form of pleasure to millions of people and making a cup of coffee don’t need expertise. Ideally, these coffee blend suggestions can help you pick the coffee blend that fits to your taste.

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