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lake toba indonesia

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-07-08

Lake Toba is the greatest lake of South East Asia and largest volcanic lake in the world. It is located in North Sumatra, Indonesia and it covers 1,707 km2 (which is greater than Singapore). Its maximum is about 100 km long, 30 km wide and up to 505 m deep. It is known due to its largest explosive eruption on Earth. The eruption was too large that it has made an ash layer of approximately 15cm thick on the surface of South Asia but now a day only 6m thick ash layer left on it and from this eruption 10,000 million tone of sulfurous acid and 6,000 million tone of sulfur dioxide were ejected. This eruption caused a planet-wide die-off because due to this very few plants or animals would have survived in Southeast Asia. Most of the local people of Indonesia who live around Lake Toba are known as “Bataks” because they speak language called “Batak”. They are small in height, dark in color and have short curly hair. They live in groups and mostly marry with other groups. Very few Batak marry with same group. Due to this pure Batak are rare and are losing their tribal ipseity. They live in less fertile areas and they are earning their income by harvesting and selling non wood forest products, such as rattan, tree resins and honey. They believe on “Animism” which is belief in spirits. Some spirits are “Panyeon”(tolerant and suspicious of humans), some are “Diwata”(benevolent, capricious). They make regular contribution to these spirits and Shamans sustain spiritual possession to communicate with the spirits and treat the sick. The weather is always cool and pleasant and the cool breeze blow all the time there. There are many hotels, villas, guesthouses for tourists. All types of facilities are available for visitors in these places. Houses there are designed like boat shaped with upsweeping roof elevation and rise up in layers. It is the awesome place of the world for tourists. All natural beauties are present here. It is really the most beautiful lake which has a big island in its center and covered with big mountains. This is place for relaxation and to watch the natural beauty.

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