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know the different types of internet advertising

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-19

Advertisements around the web is also known as internet advertising, whose objective is to drive customers to your site. Almost all companies around the globe are searching for the best way to advertise, and these days, business owners are now using internet advertising to promote their products or services. Internet advertising is an affordable form of advertising platform compared to print ads and TV ads. This is also very effective since almost everybody in today’s generation has access to the web. Here are some forms of Internet Advertising: • Banner Ads – this is a graphic image utilized on sites, which is present in all kinds of web pages with different subjects and appearance. Users might get attracted with the banner ads and click it, which will bring them to the main site of the product or services the banner ad offers. There are different kinds of banner ads and floating ads is one of them. Floating ads are advertisements that is floating above the content, which users may click to bring them to the main page of that certain product or service. Pop-up ads, is another form of banner ads, which is a new window that opens in the existing window that shows the advertisement. • Promotional Ads – this is a type of advertising that is used to make the buyer opt to buy the products by offering discount coupons, freebies or contests. • Social Media Advertising – competition in social media advertisement is very rampant, thus spending time and resources to get the proper strategy is worth it. Social media presence can give great benefits to offer information regarding your business trough your profile. • Blogs – these days, most business owners have their own blogs, which they use to advertise their businesses and make sales and profits from it. Blog advertising is suitable for advertising new products or new launched businesses.

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